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The answers to most common problems rivusTV users encounter can be found in our Frequently-Asked Questions! Unfortunately, it takes time for us to respond to messages received via this form, so often the fastest way to solve a problem is to check the FAQ for a solution.

If you've checked the FAQ and haven't manage to resolve your problem, please fill out the form below to get in touch. Please note that we have no control over the video that our broadcasters broadcast over the rivusTV network, so if you have a problem with video quality, content, or scheduling, we recommend you get in touch with the broadcaster directly.

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Message title A brief description here, such as "Video doesn't play", helps us direct your message to the right member of our support staff.

This is about Please choose the most appropriate option. Problem buying something includes everything to do with the shopping cart and checkout process. Problem viewing a video or using a ticket is anything that stops you from watching a video that you bought a ticket for.

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